GRI Charitable Foundation Annual Report on Activities

During the period 2000-2005 the foundation was an operating foundation meaning that it directly engaged in activities in addition to making small grants. Since 2006 the foundation has been a purely grant making foundation.

Grant Making Report

In 2007 the foundation received a large donation which has significantly increased its grant making capabilities.

Summarizing the funding provided by the foundation for 2000-2017:

    RESULTS Educational Fund - $535,803 (42%)
    Keep Antibiotics Working (c/o Food Animal Concerns Trust) - $135,000 (11%)
    Institute for One World Health - $123,100 (10%)
    Future of Humanity Institute (c/o Americans for Oxford Inc) - $120,000 (9%)
    Knowledge Ecology International - $100,000 (8%)
    Health GAP - $66,000 (5%)
    Machine Intelligence Research Institute - $55,000 (4%)
    Giving What We Can (c/o Centre for Effective Altruism USA Inc) - $50,000 (4%)
    Kids International Dental Services - $24,000 (2%)
    Total - $1,275,758.04 (100%)
This total doesn't match the grants total reported on the expenses page because it also includes some program expenses such as membership fees and potentially affiliate cost sharing.

Annual Report on Activities