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South African Consulate-General
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February 5, 2003

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a private investor based in the US with substantial shareholdings, in excess of $US 100,000, invested in a number of US and European pharmaceutical companies.

I am also the director of a small charitable foundation focused on global public health issues. I have spent time in Africa where I have seen first hand the impact of the global AIDS pandemic.

I understand the government of South Africa is currently contemplating a national HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention plan.

In formulating this plan I urge you include the provision of anti-retroviral drugs. And if necessary, in order to ensure the reliable cost effective supply of such drugs, I encourage you to make use of compulsory licenses and sourcing from generic manufacturers. Public health must take priority over investor profits.

I understand the gravity of the AIDS pandemic, and the resource constraints faced by the government in drafting its plan. At the same time South Africa has a unique opportunity to be the global leader in responding to the AIDS pandemic. I urge you seize this opportunity, and in so doing provide hope to South Africa, the entire continent, and the entire world.


Gordon Irlam

Cc: Deputy President: Mr JG Zuma (Fax: +27 12 323 3114)
Cc: Minister of Foreign Affairs: Dr NC Dlamini-Zuma (Fax: +27 12 351 0253)
Cc: Treatment Action Campaign (Email: info@tac.org.za)