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Expense report / Reinbursement request

Submitted by: Gordon Irlam
Date: 2001-06-17
Purpose: Washington DC trip
Reference: 2001-GRICF-02

Date Category * Description Amount
2001-04-18    Travel    Airfair: SFO-DCA-SFO return   $256.50
2001-04-18    Travel    Airfair: ticket fee   $10.95
2001-04-24    Travel    RESULTS Educational Fund Annual Conference fee   $175.00
2001-04-24    Travel    Hotel (June 7-12)   $228.00
2001-04-24    Programs    Grant to June 3rd Action to help cover cost of event
  c/o NAMES Project Foundation  
2001-06-02    Travel    Taxi to airport   $43.00
2001-06-07    Travel    Hotel (June 2-6)   $332.38
2001-06-07    Travel    Meals/incidentals per diem (12 x $46.00/day)
  General Services Administration Washington DC rate  
2001-06-12    Office    Photocopying expense   $4.47
Total expenses   $2102.30
Less advances   $0
Reinbursement due   $2102.30

* - Valid categories: Travel, Pubs, Office, Health, Programs, Other
Travel includes conf./meetings, transport, car-$0.325/mile, lodging, M&IE

Comments: Participated in June 3rd Action marking the 20th anniversery of the identification of HIV/AIDS in order to help raise public awareness. Attended RESULTS Educational Fund conference on poverty and international development.


Approved by: Gordon Irlam
Date: 2001-06-17