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Ms. Margaret M. Foran
VP Corporate Governance & Secretary
Pfizer, Inc.
235 East 42nd Street
New York, NY 10017-5755

November 4, 2002

Dear Ms. Foran,

As an investor I would like to see greater transparency in financial statements. One area where this is the case is tax reporting. It is my understanding that our company has a low tax rate relative to its competitors. I believe it would be helpful for shareholders to know why this is so. I think it is also important for shareholders to consider whether executives are bring compensated more for developing new drugs and improvements in our company's service to its customers, or for developing new ways to avoid corporate taxes.

Therefore as the beneficial owner, as defined under Rule 13(d)-3 of the General Rules and Regulations of the Securities Act of 1934, of 1,000 shares of Pfizer common stock I am submitting for inclusion in the next proxy statement, in accordance with Rule 14a-8 of these General Rules, a shareholder proposal. I am acting with other members of Responsible Wealth, who together are offering this resolution. The proposal asks the Board of Directors to prepare a report on significant tax breaks that benefit the company.

In accordance with Rule 14a-8 I have held these shares for more than one year and will continue to hold the requisite number of shares through the date of the next stockholders' annual meeting. Proof of ownership will be provided upon request. One of the filing shareholders or their appointed representative will be present at the annual meeting to introduce the proposal.

Please send copies of all correspondence pertaining to this resolution to: Scott Klinger; United for a Fair Economy/Responsible Wealth; 37 Temple Place; Boston, MA 02111, who is assisting me in filing this resolution. United for a Fair Economy and its Responsible Wealth project are national non-profit organizations working to address issues of income and wealth inequality both legislatively and through shareholder activism.

A commitment from Pfizer to prepare the corporate tax report as requested would allow this resolution to be withdrawn. I believe that this proposal is in the best interest of Pfizer and its shareholders.


Gordon Irlam